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  • pelter winery

pelter winery

Pelter Winery

Pelter Winery was founded in 2002 by Tal and Nir Pelter. Tal had just returned from Australia, where he studied Oenology and viticulture studies. He was captivated by the Australian approach to wine-making, and aspired to introduce it to the Israeli market: Production of quality wines at an accessible price, alongside a unique flagship selected series. In its first years, the winery operated in the yard of the owenrs’ family home in Moshav Tzofit. In 2005 the winery was relocated to Kibbutz Ein Zivan in northern Golan Heights, where it remains until today, surrounded by its vineyards.

Wine production at one of Israel's highest points, at 1,000 meters above sea level, has many advantages, like volcanic tuff soil, long and cold winter, cool and dry summer, large temperature range between night and day and strong radiation. These climate conditions provide an ideal environment for a long and slow ripening of the grape, giving it a range of deep and rich flavours and high quality. 

  • matar winery

matar winery

Matar by Pelter Winery

Matar Winery, founded in 2012, is a boutique winery by Pelter Winery. 

The idea to open a kosher brand came about over the years as a natural next step for Pelter winery. We wanted to expand our operations, open up to new audiences and invite many more to enjoy our products. The Matar range of wines is different from Pelter's, both in terms of production methods and in terms of grape varieties.

Our work at Matar Winery is based on the Pelter winery and family know-how, professional approach and values. The wine-making takes place at the Golan Heights altitudes, right next to Pelter Winery, an area to which we have a deep connection. 

  • distillery


Pelter Distillery

Pelter Distillery is one of the first boutique distilleries in Israel. The distillery combines the longstanding traditions of alcohol distillation with our contemporary interpretation, making the best of local high-quality raw ingredients. This is a new-world alcohol distillation which preserves and honors the guidelines of traditional alcohol distillation.

The distillery was founded in 2013 when Tal and Nir travelled to Cognac in France and purchased a unique Alembic still. We distill grapes, Pink Lady apples, Medjool dates, and malt for our whiskey.

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